7 Steps To Take Now To Be Certain
Your Finances Are Protected Online

Seems like we’ve been inundated over the past 6 months with rampant cybertheft. Target, Nieman Marcus, Yahoo and even mysterious $9.84 credit-card charges. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, this is most likely the norm going forward and not just a blip on the radar.

So, how can you stay protected online? While there is no way to absolutely, positively, 100% stay safe online, by taking these 7 steps, you will be as safe as possible.

1. Backup Your Data. Run daily backups of critical data. You should also check and test your data backups monthly at a minimum.

2. Multiple Bank Accounts. If you have one account for payroll and taxes, you should not have debit or credit cards associated with this account.

3. Password Rules. Do not share your passwords, and that includes your IT guy.

4. Windows Firewall & UAC. Make sure that Windows Firewall is enabled and your antivirus software is up to date.

5. What To Do If Attacked. Disconnect your workstation from the network and the internet. You should also seek professional help and don't go to Google for the fix.

6. Work Smarter. Protect your private information by not sharing it across social media networks.

7. Common Sense Security. If you allow your employees to access corporate email and data on a personal device, you must have mobile device management to ensure you can wipe the data if the device is lost or stolen.

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